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Beginning January 14, 2018

Majestic Marriage and Family Ministries 

Will be teaching the marriage class

"Keeping the Spark Alive"

at Northland Church 

Come learn, laugh and loosen up as we explore proven ways to keep the spark burning in your marriage!

530 Dog Track Road   Longwood, FL 32750

for information call 407-949-4000



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Finances part 6 with Bishop Ronald Kimble


About Married Man Ministry

This site is dedicated to the joys and pains of married life. Marriage is a good institution. It should be enjoyed, revered, and respected.

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All funds go to support Married Man Ministry and our work to keep marriages together.

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Top 10 Reasons Marriages End

Why are married people unfaithful? 

Do you think you are being emotionally abused?

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Links and Other Resources


Here you will find links to some of our partners and associates as well as some helpful online resources.

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Have you ever heard of it? Most people have not. When you are finished reading here, be sure to share this with your pastor so that he can use it in his marriage counseling classes.

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More powerful than a one night stand
Slower than a speeding bullet
Able to change a diaper in the men's
Look up in the sky it's a car it's a van it's
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