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More Powerful than a Rocket! Slower Than a Speeding Bullet!

Able to Change a Diaper in the Men’s Restroom! Look up in the Sky! It’s a Car!  It’s a Van!  It’s Married Man!


A teenagers’ day to sleep in… a warm Saturday morning...Yet, a group of teenagers had gathered for a forum at their community center on Healthy Relationships. We quickly realized that many teens were learning for the first time about God’s plan for a healthy courtship and a healthy marriage.


After a busy day at work on a humid Friday night, a group of singles assembled at their local church for a heartfelt interactive workshop that acknowledged them as the SALT of the earth: Single~Adults~Living~Triumphantly. The primary questions from the singles were: “What do I do with this desire to get married? Do I date? Do I wait?”


At a reflective marriage conference, couples interacted via skits, games, and open forums to learn how to fight the good fight while uniting on differences such as showing affection, financial planning, parenting techniques, and more.


Majestic Marriage and Family Ministries are devoted to changing communities by impacting the lives of every family member for Christ by teaching Biblical guidelines for family success. We are co-laborers with churches, educational institutions, media outlets, and community organizations.


In addition to onsite conferences, millions of lives are being changed as a result of the Married Man radio broadcasts in various parts of the country. We do this because we believe that marriage is honorable, and that the family should be protected and respected. Your donation is tax deductible via our 501c3 (#45-4327346) non-profit status. 


Charlene and I thank you for partnering with us to reach, revive, restore, and preserve Godly families.


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