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Boys With Sagging Pants


It has become increasingly visible in most communities in the U.S., young men and boys grabbing their crouch to support their pants so they can cross the street. Accompany that with the insane display of one's underwear exposed to anyone who might be unfortunate enough to pass near. Why is this happening? Where did this come from? Well, upon investigation of this trend, I have discovered the following:The lowering of pants below the behind is a jail house insignia that pronounces that your behind is available,or owned by another inmate and is being marketed. We will not go into the gory details that seem intuitively obvious. The difficult part is that some communities have become so familiar with jail life, that they are bringing the jail life into the community. The effect should be the reverse: The community should have a major impact on the incarceration chambers. This draw to the impounded lifestyle has become so strong that prison wear is now becoming popular attire in many communities. Is it the result of an entire group knowing only the garb of this undesirable lifestyle or is it just plain ignorance? On the contrary, I believe it is a collaboration of ignorance, childishness, and parental succumbing to the arrogance of a new generation.

Ignorance. This is fed by the increasingly pornographic garbage that is pumped into the heads of underdeveloped brains resting constantly in front of MTV or BET (Booty Entertainment Television). Could it be ignorance passed from big brother to little brother creating a whole family of underwear showing conformist?

Childishness. As no sane adult should be involved with this type of juvenile behavior. (see Proverbs 22:15) Yet, the appeal seems to be widening perhaps because the snoop doggy aged proponents are getting older. Some of them even have grey hair now. Think about that. Parental succumbing. Without a doubt, mothers and fathers can greatly modify this behavior, especially when the offenders are close enough to grab and lift their pants to a proper position. My grandmother would have had no problem doing that, nor would my mother or father. Today parents are less involved with their children and this has caused a rebel behavior that is being steered by the jail leaders as opposed to the home or community leaders. Being tired is no excuse to stop instructing your children in proper attire etiquette. Personally, I don't want my children to know what is going on in a jail. ;Not correcting them is conforming to their will. What we need to do is renew their minds.Try these things:

1) Always have them wear clothing correctly when in your presence.

2) Insist they wear clothing correctly when not in your presence.

3) Establish penalties when improper sagging is seen.

4) Point out how stupid it looks when driving in the community.

5) Ask them how many NBA ball players sag on the court. This is a real good one. Even those millionaires adhere to a dress code. While you are at it, ask them how many earrings do they see in NBA ball players ears. If you don't dress accordingly you are severely penalized, or to put it another way, you don't get paid.

6) Visit a local police department and ask what they expect young criminals to dress like.The jail mentality challenge has unfortunately been passed on to us. I love my children far to much to let them walk in the incarcerated ignorance that is going to potentially propel them into an environment or lifestyle that will keep them from reaching their fullest potential. It does not always work. Some kids are going to insist on doing their own thing. When they reach adulthood they have gained increased rights, but until then, let's challenge them to do the right thing.

Written by:The Married Man