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How to Treat a Woman

Isn't she lovely.

She is the collaboration of years of intense efforts to mold her into the child and adult that God would have her to be. Don't you dare disrespect that. So treat her with kindness, honor, and respect.  Her father, a King and earthly guardian, is very zealous concerning her.  If it is too much for you to open the car door for her or to come to the door to pick her up, then, stay at home or find some boys to go out with. This child has been raised for greatness, and greatness she will achieve. Truthfully, she may be achieving at a much faster and consistent rate than you. So, when you see her, don't expect her to act stupid just to win your affections, and please don't act stupid to try to win hers. Acknowledge her as an equal, and admit that you are a better person when she is on your side. Peradventure she does not leave you in her dust, you may be invited to spend a few moments with her. Never, and as her father I mean never, raise your voice to her. God forbid you should ever appear to or strike her with anything but your appearance as a gentleman. For if you do I, her Father, will treat you with the lack of respect that you are due. It is a bad thing to fall into the hands of an angry father, especially me.  She is my jewel. If she is anything less than that to you then move on, young man move on.